Access Control

Electronic Access Control is now considered an essential service for commercial applications such as managing staff, contractors and visitor access throughout your facility.  

From small individually controlled and electronically locked doors, to biometric iris scan readers and proximity smartcard systems Sontec have been instrumental in providing cost effective, cutting edge solutions throughout WA utilising a range of non-proprietary Access Control systems, including Pacom GMS, InnerRange Concept 4000 and Tecom smart systems.

Access Control provides the ability to:

iClass Smartcard Reader with proximity fob from HID.

  • Control & Monitor Door Status (Open / Closed / Locked /Unlocked /Forced etc)
  • Control & Monitoring of peoples movements throughout a facility (or number of facilities)
  • Present the doors and alarm inputs to the operator on interactive graphic maps for ease of control
  • Interface with fire systems to automate unlocking of doors for ease of staff exit in an emergency
  • Restrict access of cardholders to configurable timeframes
  • Restrict locking and unlocking of doors to configurable timeframes
  • Manage and monitor visitors and contractors
  • Report on cardholder movements, door access and the like
  • Provide a count of people within certain areas or buildings
  • Control access so that at least two people are required within one area or a Supervisor must access an area first for example
  • Time and Attendance reporting
  • Manage emergency mustering
  • Interface with lift systems to control access to certain floors and monitor which floor button has been selected
  • Design and Produce ID cards including Photo, company logos etc
  • Provide response statements automatically to the operator when alarms occur
  • Force operator to state the actual outcome of the alarm on the system for audit / reports
  • Prioritise alarms and annunciate them in a variety of ways
  • Provide an interface for other technologies that may be interfaced into the system such as CCTV, Duress systems etc


Pacom GMS Screenshot
Many of our projects to date include graphical user interfaces through application software enabling users and system managers to effectively manage the production and programming of access tokens, run complex reports, integrate bi-directional interfaces with systems such as Closed Circuit Television, Intercom, Visitor Management, HR databases and so on.


Essential to the success of large access control systems is the ability to provide high level integration of multiple technologies and present all of these technologies on one user interface for the operator to immediately assess alarm transactions and the associated video footage, intercom transaction or energy control messages for example.



Sontec have successfully provided access control solutions throughout WA across many areas including: -

Access may be electronically controlled in a number of ways. There is a school of thought that for maximum effectiveness in high security applications, access should be controlled via three methods: -

  1. Something you have:
    • Proximity Card technology
    • Smartcard technology
    • Wireless RF Fobs
  2. Something you know (e.g. PIN code)
  3. Something you are (e.g. Fingerprint, Iris Scan, or other Biometrics)

Sontec have partnered with several proven access control system manufacturers in order to provide a solution suitable for each individual requirements. These include:-