Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is at the core of Sontecs design and installation service suite. Video systems may be a simple response to an intercom call, digital recording systems for multiple analogue cameras or full IP camera systems spanning across multiple sites and controlled from multiple locations.

Technology is moving away from a room full of CCTV monitors trying to display multiple analogue CCTV images switched through expensive and bulky equipment. Modern day systems are built around intelligent IP devices able to process audio as well as video signals and also provide a remote location for alarm reporting.

A single “Megapixel” IP video camera may now be used to replace several analogue devices or Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras due to increased resolution such that images can be digitally manipulated to present a whole range of high quality images to an operator whilst recording the overall view.

Database efficiency is further increased due to the powerful and effective video motion detection algorithms commonly available across modern day CCTV systems.

Sontec have been at the forefront of CCTV system integration with other technologies including Access Control and Intercom systems such that alarm events and video footage are interlinked allowing far greater efficiency in addressing alarm situations and retrieval of video footage.