MATV (Master Antenna Television) is the distribution of TV and FM signals throughout large complexes such as Apartment complexes, Hotels, in fact any type of development requiring multiple tv outlets.  Theses types of systems must be carefully engineered and implemented to ensure that suitable levels are achieved and maintained.

Sontec Integrated Systems offer MATV system advice, design, installation and maintenance service,  Our Systems can include the integration of Satellite Pay Tv services including Foxtel, In House Movies, In House Information Bulletins and Security services including CCTV Surveillance Systems.

Traditional MATV systems use predominantly coaxial, and for larger systems Fibre Opti cables to distribute TV signals.  IP technologies are revolutionising tv channel distribution by utilising dedicated or existing networks.  IP MATV can be implemented over copper and/or Fibre Optic networks and provide outstanding quality pictures in standard or high definition formats.  Further, IP systems can incorporate Internet and Telephony Services.