A great diversity exists between our projects. Logically this is a direct reflection of the diversity within our client base – and the variety of problems resolved via the installation, or modification of an electronic management system.

A project may be legitimately referenced in several ways. To some it may be the dollar value, to others the technical specification of the work to be done. Others may be only interested in the human solution that it provides.

Selecting the options available on this page will take you to a portfolio of projects that we have done up to this point in time.

They range from a few thousand dollars to many millions of dollars. They involve the installation of a single system - to the concurrent installation of many different systems that seamlessly operate as one.

We are proud that these projects all included interesting and challenging technical solutions. Given our client’s natural right to privacy (and the nature of the specific work we do) there is an obligation for discretion. We hope that the information we can provide will demonstrate capacity and will encourage you to make contact to discuss your requirements.


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