Public Address

A Public Address (PA) System is a sound reinforcement system used by performers to be heard by an audience.  It's most simple form is a microphone or multiple microphones connected to a mixer connected to an amplifier, connected to speakers.

PA Systems are used extensively in Schools, Clubs, Recreation Centres, Churches, Hotels, Basrs, Shopping Centres, Cafes, Retail Shops etc.  They can be used simply for announcements and or combined with background music, emergency activation, pre-recorded messages etc.

Sontec are able to Design, Install and Maintain a custom system to suit your specific requirements.  These systems must be designed individually as every venue will have different user requirements, acoustic properties and user/operator capability.  These systems can be as simple as a portable unit with CD player and wireless microphone up to an airport terminal with multiple speaker zones, audio induction loops for the hard of hearing, noise compensation microphones to maintain audible and intelligible announcements regardless of ambient noise levels and highly sophisticated Digital Signal Processors.

PA Systems are also entering the IP domain enabling conventional analogue systems to be integrated with existing or dedicated Data networks.  This is particularly effective for large University campuses or Railway station networks.