Sontec install & service a diverse variety of critical electronic systems, often referred to in the construction & Electrical industry as “Low-voltage” services – to the commercial sector.

Many of these systems operate independently, but are required to interact with each other seamlessly.

The point at which one system finishes – and another starts, is not always apparent by observation and often varies between one location to another. This is where the role of the Integrator becomes critical. 

It requires the capacity to Install & service a variety of differing technologies, and to do so complying with varying local & Australian Standards while incorporating world’s best practices within each field.

At a more pragmatic level, clients increasingly want multiple services to be the responsibility of a single contractor to simplify issues relating to uniformity and accountability.

A list of the core services that Sontec provides are listed in the adjacent column. This serves as a abbreviated summary only, as these client solutions evolve at a rate that exceeds our web site maintenance.

I’d encourage you to make contact directly to discuss your specific requirements.