Cooperative design before implementation

An open consultative process overwhelmingly increases the chances of a good outcome. It solidifies the required expectation and places a contractual framework around the project delivery. The consultation component is the critical process to ensure that reality matches (or exceeds) the expectation.

It is a common theme, for a client to not know – what they don’t know. It’s an incremental process to appraise the basics of what can be achieved and how we can create the solution before budgets are established and funds are deployed. Everyone wants a system, that delivers so much more than just a sum of its parts.

Many clients are dealing with a variety of disparate systems, without clarity on how they got there or what the vision was of those who preceded them.

Through clear consultation, we can assist clients in discriminating between what is a sustainable technology, and what might be electronic fashion.

We appreciate that all are obliged to live with these choices for some time.

Most client feedback is that they wish to extract maximum value from their spending and that their cost of ownership will be assessed for a life cycle of 15+ years. Conversely, we understand that the adoption of some technologies is undertaken for short-term remedies.

While consultation typically forms a component of a system overhaul or a new deployment – we can provide consultation services, or advice on getting the most out of existing systems, or establishing realistic expectations of what can be extracted from these technologies into the future.