As CCTV systems have migrated from analogue to IP – huge progress has been made on the cameras and Video Management Systems(VMS). Cameras continue to improve (almost monthly) and a $200 camera can produce an image now, that was considered broadcast quality some years earlier.

Todays CCTV cameras provide plenty of value for money compared with the CCTV systems of the past. Today, an IP camera costing as little as $150 may provide perfectly adequate images in a well lit constant environment. The challenge is to provide the correct camera for each individual location and to understand what the images the camera provides, will be used for.

Things to consider may be fast-moving objects, varying lighting at certain times of day, reflections and other light sources.

Whether you require general video surveillance, video motion detection, customised alarm generation via video analytics, facial identification, heatmap analysis, people counting or other monitoring feature, today’s video cameras can be set up to provide the solution you need.

Whether the solution provides on-site, camera-based or cloud-based storage can influence which system best meets your needs.