Sontec is the Western Australian Distributor for INDECT, the Austrian manufacturer of premium parking Guidance systems.

Parking guidance systems are scalable from basic car-counting systems for small car parks to complex multi-layer car parks with a mixture of covered and uncovered areas. They can be used with external signage as just available parking space indicators – or used with INDECT software as a strategic parking analysis and planning tool.

Ultrasonic System

The UMS & UDS systems use ultrasonic detection to accurately identify indoor car space occupancy or availability. These systems operate using one sensor per parking bay and may be fitted with optional remote LED indicators for optimum occupancy display.

The ultrasonic systems offer a high level of accuracy and suit a diverse range of environmental operating conditions.

Upsolut Multi-Function Parking Space Sensor

The Upsolut system is a video sensor-based technology that not just detects space occupancy information but adds a suite of other functionality. Upsolut reliably detects vehicles in a broad range of lighting conditions making it the most accurate camera-based system on the market, achieving 99% accuracy rates. These units can monitor up to six parking bays and incorporate RGB LED indicators for flexible bay identification and direction. Individual indicators can be added to each parking space if required.  

Sensors are IP67 rated for protection from dust and water

The Upsolut system incorporates a variety of functions that can include –

  • Number plate ID recording
  • Video Recording and Playback triggered from activity in a parking space
  • Find-my-car applications
  • Identifying cars staying too long
  • Audio announcements via an optional on-board module
  • Identification of the presence of nominated number plates